Custom Business and Office Furniture Melbourne

Welcome to Endo Office Furniture Melbourne, specialising in modern contemporary custom made, high quality commercial furniture. Our furniture is designed, delivered and installed for today's modern progressive businesses. Our committed team work hard to provide clients with exceptional service as well as a unique range of custom made office furniture solutions for Melbourne VIC.

Ranging from office chairs and office desks through to reception counters, office workstations, filing cabinets and more, our range of Melbourne office furniture covers all your requirements. We also carry a wide range of cable management systems, office workstation partitions and other commercial furniture accessories.

Our high quality commercial furniture range is tried and tested for functionality, durability, value and at an economical price for all Melbourne offices.

Whatever you need in the way of office fit-outs and corporate business furniture, Endo Office Furniture Melbourne has the right office furniture for you. Click below for full pricing and details.

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Office desks, office workstations & screens

At Endo Office Furniture Melbourne, we know how important a good quality, purpose-built office desk is. Having an office workstation or desk designed with the user in mind means that your staff will be more comfortable and able to perform their duties better.

Different office desk uses require a different fit out. This may mean providing height adjustable office desks, workstation partition screens, desk returns, or three way or four way office workstation systems. Endo Commercial Furniture has the right office workstations in Melbourne for you.

Height adjustable desks are particularly well suited to businesses where Melbourne office desks are used for multiple roles and users. We provide both electric height adjustable and manual height adjustable desks. On top of this, all of our broad range of Melbourne office workstations and desks are versatile and suit all office fitout needs.

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Office chairs, ergonomic chairs & seating

It's no surprise to learn that workers are happier and more effective if they have a properly designed and constructed office chair to sit on. Distractions, back and shoulder pain, and even absenteeism is reduced with a comfortable, adjustable ergonomic office chair.

Endo Office Furniture Melbourne has a broad range of office seating, ranging from task chairs and ergonomic chairs through to executive chairs, boardroom chairs, reception seating and lounges, break out chairs, office stools and waiting room bench seating. Our range of Melbourne ergonomic office chairs also come in a vast selection of custom fabrics and leathers.

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Office tables & boardroom tables

Having the right office table for the right purpose is important for any business. At Endo Office Furniture, we supply a range of pre-built and custom office tables to suit any need.

Boardroom tables need to be comfortable. They also need to reflect the type of business you operate. So we supply a great range of quality office tables including the Tempo boardroom table, i.Am executive boardroom table, ur executive tables and much more.

Our boardroom tables come in a range of sizes and styles that compliment your office space and boardroom and impress your guests.

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Office filing cabinets, storage cupboards & more

Nobody likes to think about office filing and storage; they're the tedious and mundane jobs we do at work. With Endo Commercial Furniture's great range of attractive, functional filing cabinets and storage solutions, we've taken the headache out of choosing the right bookcase, office storage cabinets, shelving system, office filing cabinets, credenza buffets and more for your storage needs. We'll leave the actual filing to you, though.

Choose from a range of styles and colours, order online for easy door-to-door delivery, and finally solve your office storage problems forever.

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Office reception desks & counters

Your business is different, and that's why you need to be able to select the best reception desk for your circumstances. Can't judge a book by its cover? Tell that to your new arrival (and potential customer or client), looking around your reception area, and eyeing off your tatty reception counter. At Endo Office Furniture, you can select from out vast range of office reception desks and consoles.

Reception counter design, colour, size and shape can be used to make a statement to visitors about what your organisation is like. Make your business stand out - and your receptionist happy - with new office reception furniture. With Endo Office Furniture it's easy to make a good impression - first time.

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Office furniture accessories

Of course, fitting out an office means more than just buying office equipment and other furniture such as tables, office chairs and desks. There's work to be done! We offer a great range of office furniture accessories, including whiteboards and pinboards, and office workstation power and data docks such as the Affinity, the Fuel Power and Data Box and, Athena power-rail and more.

Clear up your desk with a monitor arms such as our incredibly flexible Elipta or the acclaimed CME monitor arm. And don't put your bulky computer tower on your desk or - worse - gathering dust on the floor. A CPU holder will mean your computer is out of sight, but easily accessible at all times. We offer fully-featured extending and swivelling CPU holders, like the Glide and Maxi CPU holders.

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Whiteboards, pinboards & glass whiteboards

A whiteboard or glassboard can be an incredibly useful tool for any office. When it comes to communication, we tend to think of it as being verbal. But what is said and heard can be miscommunicated. It is important for people to understand your plans and visions.

Our range of whiteboards, glass whiteboards and pinboards will help you do just that. Turn your thoughts and words into ideas and visions, and see the difference made in the productivity of your office. We offer pinboards in a broad range of colours and sizes, and our glassboards can be custom painted in any colour from the standard Dulux range.

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